The Original Lego Toy Storage and Sorter Box | Award Winning BOX4BLOX Lego Organizer Makes it Easy to Sort and Store Lego | Great Gift Idea For Lego Loving Kids

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If You Are Sick of that LEGO DISASTER ZONE,
You will love the BOX4BLOX

Award-winning Lego Storage and Sorting Organizer BOX4BLOX
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BOX4BLOX sorts your Legos automatically by size, grading the bricks
through a series of grids, getting rid of your Lego mess off the floor and
making clean-up time fun

All the large Lego blocks stay in the top yellow tray with
the large grid.

All are medium to large blocks stay in the blue tray
the medium grid.

All small to medium Lego parts in the red tray
with the small grid.

All the hard-to-find small bits and pieces end up in the bottom
green tray.

With the four trays and lid BOX4BLOX forms a 10ΒΌ inch (260mm) cube
that holds approximately 1,600 Lego bricks

Manufactured with high quality ABS plastic
(the same plastic as Lego bricks are made from

More than 100,000 sold BOX4BLOX internationally


No More Up Turned Buckets of LEGO All Over The Floor