WEAR-N-WRITE, Wearable Dry Erase Notepads, Wristband Model, Perfect for Contractors, Home Improvement, Office, Organizing, Customer Service.

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Note: A Clip-on model #877754 also available by searching for “Clip-On Wearable Dry Erase” on Amazon.

A newly patented product designed to provide a note taking and writing solution for busy people on the move who need quick access to a note pad for quick info recording. Proven to be an instant favorite for busy people including, for example, contractors who constantly take multiple measurements or business owners or employees who need to record customer or product information quickly. Improves productivity and customer service instantly.

Product benefits include:
Makes taking frequent and multiple measurements for cutting and planning easier.
No wasted time searching for a pen and paper.
Allows for quick taking of phone number for improved productivity and customer service
Frees hands for safer handling of materials and equipment.
Easy to use 3x4inch flexible writing surface that can be contoured around arm.
Adjustable elastic band secures comfortably around arm.
Dry erase pen attaches to wristband for carrying and quick use (included).

Easily accessible and wearable dry erase writing tablet is lightweight, flexible, and durable featuring a 3.5 inch by 4.5 inch dry erase notepad. The notepad attaches to wrist with a comfortable adjustable elastic band secured by Velcro. A dry erase pen is included and features an eraser and securely attaches to writing tablet via elastic loop or with optional Velcro attachments included in package. Dry erase ink will not stain once dry (approx. 5-7 seconds) A fantastic gadget to improve productivity for contractors, customer service, order taking, phone operators, nurses, EMT’s, military, IT, engineers, etc, etc.Wearnwrite.com. Wearable Elastic WristBand with Dry Erase Notepad Fits on Arm.