PK-16 Picture Keeper (16,000 photo capacity)

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Picture Keeper is the ideal solution; a simple and safe way to backup photos on our PC or Mac. Imagine loosing all the wonderful photos you have of family outings, gatherings, recitals or life’s most precious moments. Too scary to think about! Recovering photos from a crashed hard drive can cost you upwards of $500.00. Picture Keeper helps you to keep those valued photos safe and secure. Picture Keeper is the combination of a USB flash memory drive with embedded software. With just a few clicks, Picture Keeper eliminates hours of clicking, dragging and burning to CD. Simply plug Picture Keeper into any USB port, click OK/Start Backup and then Picture Keeper automatically finds and saves all of your personal photos stored in your Documents folder, My Pictures folder and on the desk top (the most likely places that photos are saved). For Mac users, Picture Keeper will backup photos contained within iPhoto. There is no software to install or configure. No confusing wizards to click through! The Picture Keeper software simply runs off the flash drive. Need to have prints made? No worries. Take Picture Keeper along to your favorite photo processing center. There you simply plug Picture Keeper into the kiosk’s USB port. Now choose the photos you want to print. Want to share photos from your latest adventure or of your kids with Grandma? Take Picture Keeper along and simply plug it into the USB port on any digital picture frame. You can now view the photos stored on the Picture Keeper drive as a slide show. You can even plug Picture Keeper into the television USB port and play the slide show on the big screen. Now, that makes sense! Whether you are a scrapbooker, shutterbug or just like to capture life’s best moments, you’ll simply be amazed at how easy and fast Picture Keeper is to use. Picture Keeper is available in 3 sizes. PK-4 can store 4,000 photos. PK-8 can store 8,000 photos and PK-16 can store 16,000 photos.The simple and easy way to back up digital photos