IRIS 6-Drawer Holiday Ornament Chest w/Dividers, SBD-356, Cranberry w/Clear Drawers, Holds 54 Ornaments

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This 6 Drawer Holiday Ornament Chest w/Dividers provides storage space for 54 standard sized ornaments. The clear 12″ x 12″ drawers let you easily view the contents. The sturdy frame holds 6 drawers that pull out all the way for easy access to your ornaments. The built in top organizer is great for storing scissors, ornament hooks, string, ribbon and much more. Acid Free. Chest is on casters so you can easily move it from room to room. Made in the USA!!Comes with 6 12″x12″ project cases and each one holds 9 standard sized ornaments, for a total of 54 standard sized ornaments per cart.